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Here at Trash Pirates we believe that everyone should be represented - no matter how you identify. So we've created an inclusive pirate crew who will help us clean up the planet - together!

Teddy the Turtle

Teddy loves snack time. His favorite snack? Jellyfish! But what he hates are plastic bags. He can’t tell the difference between floating plastic bags and his favorite snack. (pronouns: he/him)

Pirate Turtle.png
Parker the Pufferfish

Parker was shocked to see how much trash is thrown into the ocean – the equivalent to one garbage truck of plastic every minute. They hate when trash gets caught in their spikes!
(pronouns: they/them)

Pitrate pufferfish.png
Sophia the Seal

Sophia loves her beautiful white coat of fur, but it’s getting hard to keep it clean with all the water pollution. She just wants to swim in a clean sea.
(pronouns: she/her)

Pirate Seal.png
Hilda the Hermit Crab

Hilda has more than once found herself inside of plastic instead of a shell. And when she does find shells, they are weaker because of ocean acidification due to climate change.
(pronouns: she/her)

Pirate Hermit.png
Charlie the Crab

Charlie’s shell is getting weak. As more carbon dioxide is released by humans, the waters get more acidic and their shell gets softer. They just want to be the strongest crab they can be!
(pronouns: she/her/they/them)

Olive the Octopus

Olive is always picking up trash – 8 pieces at a time! But she needs our help to clean the oceans and beaches so she can have a break.
(pronouns: she/her)

Pirate Crab.png
Pirate Octopus.png

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