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5 Eco-Podcasts Every Grown-Up Should Listen To

With summer here, all I can think about is sitting on the beach, taking in the sun, and listening to some podcasts. Wherever you plan on enjoying nature, podcasts are a great way to learn while exploring. Or, if you’re like us and have a road trip planned for this summer, podcasts are a great way to keep your mind entertained while driving! Here’s our top 5 list of podcasts we think you should checkout.

1. Hot Mamas What we love: This podcast is so easy to relate to. As a mom, I love hearing from other moms and learn about what they are doing to positively impact our world. Plus, Sarah, the host, brings in such a diverse group of mamas from all over the world. I love hearing from strong women and how, though our problems may be slightly different, we are all working for a best future for our children.

2. EPR – Environmental Professionals Radio What we love: This is a fun and nerdy podcast. It feels prefect for the beach or any nature adventure you have planned. They have great guests that range from National Geographic and NASA employees, to scientists, ocean enthusiasts, and everything in between. Each guest provides amazing information that is completely accessible and understandable to any lay person.

3. Mother Daughter EarthCast What we love: I consider myself a bit of a hippy at heart and this podcast totally speaks to that part of me. They have great environmental guests and cover a wide range of topics that aren’t typically covered on other eco podcasts like how plants create music (!), eco-minded education, and more.

4. Jane Goodall Hopecast What we love: I think we all need hope in the climate change and environmental activism world. Hope is exactly what you’ll get here. From topics like carbon positive beauty products, connecting with nature, empowerment, and climate action, Jane has you covered.

5. Outrage! + Optimism What we love: The hosts of this podcast have a great chemistry. They cover climate change topics that span the world which I think is important for all of us to understand. They go in-depth on topics and you can tell that they have such a passion for climate change and the environment. Their podcast name, Outrage! + Optimism is pretty darn accurate. NOW IT'S YOUR TURN! I want to hear about your favorite eco-podcasts! Put them in the comments below!


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