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Environmental Action Badges

If we don't fight climate change and just continue with business as usual, a 6 year old will see almost three times as many climate disasters as their grandparents did [1].

This is exactly why children should be getting involved in the climate crisis fight. It's their future that is at stake. So to encourage kids to get involved by taking small steps and building lifelong habits, we've created Environmental Action Badges. Think the Girl/Boy Scouts meets Russell from Disney's Up.

Our environmental action badges are a fun way to get your kids excited about becoming sustainable and taking positive actions for our planet. Included in the packet below is a list of badge descriptions. Once your child has completed the required task (we’re not looking for perfection, just a really great effort), then they can color in the corresponding badge on the attached coloring sheets. There are 61 unique badges to color in all.

The badges are separated into three groups: bronze, silver, and gold. Bronze badges will be easier, and less time consuming while gold will involve a larger investment in time and possibly money.

Example of a Bronze Badge

Example of a Silver Badge

Example of a Gold Badge

Download our Environmental Action Badge Packet here:

Environmental Action Badges
Download PDF • 25.09MB

We can’t wait to see all the badges your children complete. Make sure to share their environmental action badges with us on social media! Instagram Facebook TikTok Twitter Have fun and let’s make the world a better place!


Sources: [1]


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