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Sustainable Holiday Checklist

The holidays are here and we put together a list of actions you can do to make it a sustainable holiday, whether its with friends, family, or your community. Comment below and tell us what your favorite sustainable holiday hack is!


o Use Recyclable wrapping paper That's right, most wrapping paper is NOT recyclable

o Try wrapping paper alternatives Fabric (scarves, tea towels, etc); old maps and newspapers, jars, tins, pouches, baskets, boxes

o Try holiday card alternatives E-cards, plant-able cards

o Do Plant-Based Holiday Meals Make your own or order from places like Whole Foods.

If you can't go full plant-based try making less meat and more locally grown foods

o Reduce food waste Don’t over buy, send home leftovers (in reusable containers), compost scraps

o Sustainable decorations

Homemade, recyclable, second- hand

o Change up your tree routine Get a Pesticide-free tree, rent a tree, get a potted tree that will be planted after the holidays

o Recycle your cut/live tree properly

o Create memories instead of buying gifts

Nature walk, local experiences, play games

o Use LED Holiday Lights

o Carpool when going holiday shopping

o Buy sustainable gifts

Plastic-free, locally-made, homemade, gifts that last, battery-free gifts, membership to national parks, plant a tree in honor of someone, donate to an important cause

o Recycle old electronics properly when you receive a new one

o Offset your holiday travel,

o Use reusable advent calendars

o Sustainable Holiday Fashion

Re-wear what you have, thrift shop it

From our family to yours, we want to wish each and every one of you a happy, safe, and sustainable holiday season! <3 Official Trash Pirates



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