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The Spooky Truth About Halloween Pumpkins

Every year more than ONE BILLION pounds of pumpkin get thrown into our landfills. That’s just in the United States. The U.K. will throw away an estimated 8 million pumpkins this year. What a waste! Sure, they are fun to have as decorations during the holiday, but to grow pumpkins it takes 1 inch of water per week or roughly 16 gallons a week. That’s a lot of water (which is a natural resource) to grow something that will just be thrown away. So, what can we do to fix this problem and waste less? What about using up your pumpkin a little differently this year? Here are some ideas for you and your family to try out this Fall. *Save the seeds and plant them What if you could grow your own pumpkins and share them with friends and family? Next time you are carving a pumpkin, save some of the seeds and plant them. Learn how: *Roast the seeds for a yummy snack Fall is full of special, once a year, treats – like roasted pumpkin seeds. They are easy to make and you can customize them to your taste. Learn how: *Paint your pumpkin instead of carving it Most people carve their pumpkins but that can make them go bad really quick. If you choose to paint your pumpkin it will last longer and it will preserve the seeds and flesh so you can make something yummy with them later. Fun painting ideas: *Cook it! Roast the flesh of the pumpkin to use in baking or as a puree. You’ll want to do this to a pumpkin that hasn’t been carved and sitting out for any period of time. It’s better to do this with a painted pumpkin (making sure to peel/cut off paint before roasting). Learn how: *Make a bird feeder Why not give back to wildlife by making them a cute, Fall-themed bird feeder. Chop off the top of the pumpkin and fill it with bird seed and place it in the backyard. Learn how: *Compost it Your carved or painted pumpkin (with paint cut off) can be safely composted and give life to new plants! Learn how: Sources:,of%20water%20twice%20a%20week. #Halloween #Pumpkins #Crafts #Baking #Cooking #Food #FamilyFun #Fall #Autumn #CarvingPumpkins #Compost #environment #wasteful #wasteless #kid #kidactivity

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