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The Tantrum That Saved the World Book Review

The Tantrum That Saved the World, written by Michael E. Mann and Megan Herbert is an exceptional children's book about a young girl who is frustrated with others moving in on her space due to climate change. Throughout this book you learn about how climate change affects both animals and humans and you see this child evolve from, “it’s not my problem,” to, "let's do something about climate change." This book perfectly articulates the affects and frustrations that come along with climate change and the fight for action. Though it is a fictional story, the end provides facts and information about climate change that is easy for children to understand. The illustrations are beautiful and show inclusivity and diversity.

I highly recommend this book to children and even adults of all ages. We chose to purchase this book for our tablet, however it is also available in hardcover format. Furthermore, it is available in English, Italian, Korean, and Turkish. Learn More Do you have a children's book you think I should review? Let me know in the comments!


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