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हम कौन हैं

ट्रैश पाइरेट्स एक छोटे से सैन्य परिवार द्वारा बनाया गया था, जिसे पर्यावरण के लिए एक बड़ा जुनून है। पारिवारिक सैर के दौरान, मिलर्स ने स्थानीय पार्कों, पैदल रास्तों और सड़क के किनारे कचरा देखा। हर उस समुदाय में सुधार करना चाहते हैं जिसमें वे रहते हैं और छुट्टियां मनाते हैं, उन्होंने कचरा उठाना शुरू कर दिया और ठीक से  उसका निपटान। 

एक सैर के दौरान, उनके बेटे, जो उस समय सात साल के थे, ने उन्हें ट्रैश पाइरेट्स घोषित कर दिया, क्योंकि वे ट्रैश का शिकार करते हैं । नाम अटक गया और आंदोलन शुरू हो गया।

पैक के नेता, जेना, पूर्व उपराष्ट्रपति अल गोर द्वारा प्रशिक्षित एक जलवायु वास्तविकता नेता हैं। वह कई स्थानीय पर्यावरण समूहों का भी हिस्सा है और उसके पास हार्वर्डएक्स और उत्तरी कैरोलिना विश्वविद्यालय, चैपल हिल से पर्यावरण वर्ग प्रमाण पत्र हैं। उसकी आशा है कि वह अपने बेटे और आने वाली पीढ़ियों को पर्यावरण, जानवरों और मनुष्यों पर कूड़े के प्रभावों के बारे में शिक्षित करे, जबकि बच्चों को हमारे ग्रह को जलवायु परिवर्तन के सबसे बुरे प्रभावों से बचाने में मदद करने में शामिल करे।


हम क्या करते हैं

हम कूड़ेदान का शिकार करते हैं

सफल पहल

We visit beaches, local parks, and walking paths to hunt for litter. We share what we find along with interesting facts and inspiring quotes on our social media pages to inspire others to clean up their part of the world. We hope to positively influence children and families into joining our movement by taking simple actions in their community, getting involved in climate activism, and learning more about our planet. 

-Provide educational articles for kids and adults and resources for parents and teachers about litter, our environment, climate change, and more!
-Make local changes to discourage single-use plastic usage and littering.


September 2021 – We did a two-day cleanup in Alexandria, Virginia where we noticed a lot of trash in an open field, often used for soccer and recreation. We have noticed trash piling up in this area for some time. We reached out to Supervisor Rodney L. Lusk’s office and we were informed of their Operation Stream Shield initiative which provides part-time, temporary work experience to the homeless. OSS was informed of the litter at the field and will now be visiting it on a regular basis to make sure it stays clean.

November 2021 - After cleaning up an area near an Alexandria, VA high school  several times, we reached out to Supervisor Rodney L. Lusk's office again to report the constant littering in this area. Their awesome staff jumped into action. They were able to get the area put on Operation Stream Shield's schedule to get it cleaned up on a regular basis. In addition to that, they have reached out to VDOT and in the coming months, a "No Littering" sign will be placed along the road!

February 2022 - During a 2-hour cleanup with 8 volunteers, we were able to clean up 200 pounds of litter from a field and intersection in Alexandria, VA. Item's recovered were cigarette butts, bottles, plastics, children's toys, empty mulch bags, straws and more. See more! 

May 2022 - Over 37 pounds of trash were picked up by military, boy scouts, families, and a local official during our cleanup in the Kingstowne area of Alexandria, Virginia. Most that was picked up were small pieces like cigarette butts, wrappers, and car debris. See our photos!



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