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15 Sustainable Gift Ideas

Who here likes getting presents?! Who likes giving gifts? Giving a gift that lights up a friend or family member’s face is priceless. And no matter what holiday you observe around this time of year, you are probably going to give a gift or two. So why not make them sustainable gifts! What does sustainable mean? Sustainable is defined as: “able to be maintained at a certain rate or level ” What this means is a sustainable item can meet your needs without jeopardizing future generations who will also have those needs. For example, renewable, clean energy is sustainable. We know that the wind and sun will never run out where fossil fuels and coal will run out (plus they are causing climate change).

Now when it comes to purchasing anything, locally sourced and made is always your best bet. When shipping and transportation get involved, your carbon footprint goes up. But if you don't have good sustainable items near you, here are some ideas, companies, items we highly recommend. Homemade – A beautiful homemade gift like a mason jar filled with a cookie mix and a recipe card can’t be beat! Or maybe you can use extra fabric you already have to make a quilt. 4ocean – 4ocean is one of our favorite companies. They have a global initiative to remove plastic and other trash from our oceans. With each purchase from their site (and there are plenty of sustainable options on there) they pull out plastic from the ocean. Live Mahalo – Bamboo is an extremely durable material that is far more environmentally friendly than plastics and even wood because it grows at an incredible rate – 35 inches each day! Live Mahalo is using it to create awesome products like phone cases, wireless phone chargers, and sunglasses. Stasher – We love Stasher bags because they are so multi-purpose. Obviously, you can stash food in them but they can also be great for organizing. If you’re thinking about giving one as a gift, consider filling it with a homemade treat, snack, or a ready-to-make craft with directions. National Park membership – Give the gift of an experience. With an annual pass your friend or family member can explore our beautiful National Parks all year-round. Sierra Club – Whether it’s a membership or some of their great products in the shop, the Sierra Club provides great gifts for your outdoorsy, environmentally-friendly recipient. Allbirds – If you’re looking for sustainable shoes and apparel, Allbirds has you covered. They currently offer both men and women’s selections. Hanna Andersson – Fun and sustainable clothes for kids and even matching pajamas for the whole family! Pact – Pact offers apparel for men, women, and children as well as bath and bed items. Their items are made from organic cotton. Green Toys – Toys made of 100% recycled materials are definitely the way to go. No batteries required for these toys, only imagination. Ebooks – Save a tree and give an e-book instead (or consider an audiobook)! Create a memory – Forgo a physical gift and give the gift of a memory. Plan a special movie night. Take them out to dinner. Find out what they really enjoy and find an event that they would love. Solar-powered charger – Give the gift of power! We’re all on our phones and tablets so a solar charger is a perfect gift for our friends and family on-the-go. Get some ideas: Reusable straws & utensils – EarthHero has so many great sustainable items. But we love the reusable straws and utensils the most! Plant a tree – Our world needs more trees. So why not have a tree planted in honor of a friend! Second-hand electronics – Give gently used or refurbished electronics instead of buying something brand new. It eliminates e-waste which is a serious problem! *What other sustainable gift ideas do you have? Put them in the chat below!



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