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Finding Hope in Positive News

"Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness." Desmond Tutu It can be really tough to find positive environmental news in the sea of scary reports, dismal numbers, and terrifying future predictions. There are good actions happening out there. Change is happening. We’ve put together a list of positive environmental news that we hope brings you optimism and helps you continue your path to action. Plastic/Litter -Coors Light will no longer use plastic can rings, instead switching to cardboard containers, saving 1.7 million pounds of plastic waste a year. Source: -Senate Bill 984/House Bill 2238 - the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act of 2021 has been introduced. Source: -During the 2022 United Nations Environment Assembly, world leaders agreed to develop a global treaty on plastic pollution. Source: -Senate Bill 1509 - the Plastic Pellet Free Waters Act has been introduced to the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. Source: -DeliverZero, a New York City-based food delivery service, allows customers to order food in reusable containers that can be returned to any participating eatery. Source: The New York Times -Since 2017, 4ocean has removed 21,625,672 pounds of trash from our oceans. Source:

Climate Change -Globally, 1,507 institutions have divested 40.43 trillion dollars from fossil fuels. Source: -Hawaiian corals show surprising resilience to warming oceans. Source: State University -TC Energy Corp, the company in charge of the Keystone XL pipeline, said it will NOT revive its project to carry Canadian oil to U.S. refineries. Source:

-The price of solar electricity has declined by 89% in 10 years (2009-2019). The price of wind energy, in that same 10 years dropped by 70%. Source: Our World In Data -Renewable energy grew by 10,940 megawatts in the first six months of 2021. It is now 25% of all electricity capacity in the United States. Source: -Agrivoltaics, the practice of growing crops under solar panels, is being researched in real-life situations. Source: -California passed the California Toxic Free Cosmetics Act that will ban 24 ingredients, known to be harmful to the environment and human health, from beauty and personal care products starting 1 January 2025. Source: If you know of some positive environmental news, either local or national, send it our way. You can message us on social media or e-mail us at


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